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Mom Shares How She Hilariously Lost Her Baby In Plain Sight at Home

Can you spot him?

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If young kids are good at anything, it's hiding — even when they're not trying to be hidden. They're small, they can fit in tiny spaces, and they can be eerily quiet when they want to be, not to mention the fact that they move so quickly that if we take our eyes off of them for even a second, they can disappear.

Most parents have had that heart stopping feeling of not being able to find their child, even if for only a minute or two, including this mom who shared what happened to her on TikTok. She lost her baby inside her house... except she didn't actually lose him, because he was hiding in plain sight. LOL! 


By the time Mom is taking the video, she's already found the baby, so she's walking through the house, retracing her steps so that those of us playing along at home can find him, too — and this all happened while the baby's dad was lounging on the couch, having no idea what was going on around him.

She freaked out, thinking he was in the pool, but he wasn't... in fact, he was actually somewhere way safer than that, but that didn't keep Mom from stressing. 

We had to watch the video a couple of times to find him, and when we did? OMG. (Can't find him? This video reveals where he's at — it's super obvious once you know!)

This must have given Mom quite a scare, but it looks like she's got a future hide and seek champion on her hands.