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Mom Begs TikTok to Help Her Figure Out How Kid’s Toy Actually Works

It’s either science, witchcraft, or a bit of both.

No matter how much you swear up and down you're not going to be the kind of parent who invites toys that make sound into your home, you're practically guaranteed to have at least one... and when you think too hard about the way certain toddler toys work, it seems like downright magic — especially when it comes to this toy from Baby Einstein.

A mom asked the people of TikTok to explain the way her kid's Magic Touch Piano works. It comes with a weighted wand that makes the piano play, whether it's touching it or hovering above it, and even playing with her fingers and no wand worked. But why? How? She couldn't figure it out. 


This mom went on to experiment with different items she found around the house, and it was interesting to see which ones would interact with the piano and which one wouldn't. A toddler-sized Croc? Nope. A leaf? Yep, that works. It didn't seem to have anything to do with the weight or color of the object, but TikTok was as good a place as any to crack this mystery.

One person seemed to come up with a plausible explanation, writing in the comments, "Think of it like an electromagnetic field that extends above the keys. When something conductive enters the field, it changes in a detectable way." 

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Makes sense — someone else even likened it to the way a touch screen works on a cell phone.

Regardless of the mechanics behind it, if the toy keeps her kid happy... that's all that really matters.

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