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Woman Shares the Message of Hope All Moms of Toddlers Need to Hear Right Now

It's not always going to be this hard.

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When our kids are little, their needs are all encompassing... and those needs are happening around the clock. Moms of babies, toddlers, and younger kids are usually running on fumes as they chase around their kids all day, who are hell bent on doing something that could get themselves seriously injured. By the end of the day, we're exhausted. 

And even though we know this stage won't last forever, sometimes it feels like it will, which is where this mom on TikTok comes in. It's like she's speaking to us from the future as she delivers a message about what motherhood will be like in a few years... and it's definitely something moms of busy toddlers should hear.


In the video, a mom is talking to the camera to deliver a message to "moms of little kids three and under" while her own children play on a swing set behind her at a park. 

"My kids are six and eight and they're playing on this amazing play structure by themselves and they have not needed my assistance one time," she said. "There have been zero tears, zero bandaids, zero things required of me as I sit in the shade and watch them play."

Does it sound like a fairytale to those of us who are still stuck in the trenches? Yes, it does. But it's the future for all of us, and it will be here eventually! 

Just listen to this mom's message, and dream of the future. Easier days are ahead!