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Mom Notices How She "Messed Up" While Making Dinner With Toddler

Sometimes in our haste we forget they are still learning.

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Being a parent to a toddler can be an Olympic sport sometimes, and meal times can be particularly stressful. As our kids are getting older and more independent (and more curious about testing boundaries), a lot of them decide to start rejecting even their favorite foods, leaving parents worried that they're eating enough. And before that even happens, there's the prep work — cooking with a toddler can be fun one day and impossible the next. 

You might be tempted to do most of the cooking yourself, even when your toddler wants to help, because obviously, the task is a lot easier and faster that way. But one mom on TikTok is pointing out why it's a good idea to slow down and give them the opportunity to participate. 

This mom was filming a video to share with her followers while preparing a meal with her son, and by watching the footage back, she learned what she could have done differently. She was peeling carrots while her son was beside her, and took the one he was holding out of his hand, even though he looked pretty absorbed in it.

At the time, she didn't realize he was so interested and engaged, and knowing that now, she admitted that she wished she'd done things differently.

"I'm not sure why I was in such a hurry. I wish I had seen how focused he was. I wish I had stopped to watch him for a few seconds before asking him for the carrot. I wish I had waited for him to hand it to me instead of taking it from him," she wrote in her caption. "I love the challenge of always trying to be a better parent. It's a process that never stops. They're always learning, and so are we." 

This is a great point to slow down and make the most of those teachable moments when we can. Of course, we can't do this for every meal, but this video is a great reminder that when it's possible, taking our time (and letting them take theirs) can be a great thing for our kids.

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