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Mom With “New Body” After Babies Takes Honest Look at Her Closet and It’s Really Empowering

Wear what makes you feel good!

There's no way to truly understand the changes that new moms go through until they've experienced themselves. Of course, adding a baby and figuring out to be a parent is a huge life change in itself, but that's not the only thing that's different. Going through pregnancy and birth almost always means that your body changes, too — not just the number on the scale, but the shape (and everything on the inside as well). 

It's normal to feel all kinds of emotions about a change like this, especially when the pre-pregnancy clothes you once loved no longer fit the same way. But seeing this mom share her approach to her wardrobe after having a baby on TikTok, it seems like there's a much more positive way to frame this. 


As she shared in her video, this lady has two children and she's cleaning out her closet. She decided that she'd only be keeping the clothes that fit and felt good to wear, and decided to get rid of everything else. She even tried on some of her outfits for the video as she went through the process. 

Some of the sweaters she tried made her feel "okay," but not great, so she decided to pass on them, and we love that approach. You don't need to keep any clothes that you don't love on your body — everyone, including moms, deserves to feel good in what they're wearing every day.

One mom who could relate commented, "Okay so I’ve realized (2 kids in) that I constantly compare the shirts to how they used to fit. So I got rid of everything and started over." 

This is it, y'all. Toss everything that doesn't spark joy, keep the rest, and then go shopping. Your body might have changed forever, but no matter what it looks like now, you deserve to be happy and comfortable in your skin.