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If You Haven't Cooked Dinner For Your Family In Awhile, This Mom Totally Gets It

They'll forgive us.

Cooking for a family is no easy task... and when it's the end of a long day of working, being a parent, or some combination of the two, more of than not, the idea of ordering in or picking up fast food on the way home is too enticing to pass up. Despite our best intentions while meal planning and grocery shopping at the beginning of the week, it happens! 

But if you're a mom who feels ashamed for not cooking dinner more often, it's time to let that feeling go. You're not the only one out there just trying to survive, and one mom in particular is making those of us who are just too busy these days feel way less alone


While sitting in her car, the mom says, "Imagine if you met someone who hadn't cooked dinner for her family in a month. What would your thoughts be on her... if you met somebody like that?" 

(It's her. She's the mom she's talking about.) 

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The amount of people who understood exactly where she's coming from in the comments was overwhelming, and TBH made us feel a lot better about our own cooking habits (or lack thereof). 

At this point, we just have to laugh. Sometimes, the meals will be home cooked, and sometimes, they will not, and it doesn't make anyone a good or bad mom — just a mom trying to survive. And we've never met a kid who didn't think their mom was the best for bringing home Happy Meals!

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