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New Mom Has No Idea What to Do With Pinterest-Inspired Nursery Decor Now That Baby is a Toddler

Suddenly, the theme seems totally wrong.

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There's something so magical about dreaming about the baby's future nursery while you're pregnant. Scrolling through Pinterest and making an inspiration board, shopping online, putting on all the finishing touches just before baby arrives — and then, of course, sitting in the finished baby's room, peacefully admiring the result of all your hard work. 

But then, the newborn becomes a toddler way too fast, and suddenly, the room doesn't fit them anymore. They have their own likes and dislikes and managed to grow out of that nursery faster than you could have predicted. What do you do with the nursery decor then? There's one mom on TikTok asking this question, and... hopefully, she gets the answer, because we don't know either!


"if you had a baby between 2017-2020 what are we doing with the nursery decor?" she asked. "Like, what do we do with this round mirror? Do they just have it in their room forever? Do seven year olds have a giant gold mirror? Do I move it to my entryway?" 

These are all very valid questions, and fortunately, some moms came through in the comments with their thoughts on the subject.

"I have that same mirror and yes it’s now in my entryway," one mom said, with another saying that she planned to sell hers on Facebook Marketplace.

Another mom said she went with decor that was easy to change out. "I used wall stickers so I just peeled the fish off the wall when kiddo got into dinosaurs," she said. This lady is thinking ahead!

Do whatever you want with the nursery decor and don't sweat it. Kids are way less worried about that stuff than we are!