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This Mom's Obsession With Bluey Is All Too Relatable

Is it a show for kids or a show for parents?

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There are some kids shows that we love to watch with our little ones for the nostalgia factor — it's cool to watch Sesame Street and see our toddlers get excited about the same characters we once loved. But when it comes to newer shows, it's hard to top how much parents are loving Bluey on Disney Junior. Let's be real... who doesn't see Chili and Bandit as serious parent goals? 

There's just one problem: Sometimes, we're a little too into Bluey as adults — like, more than our kids are. And as one mom shared on TikTok, it's easy to get distracted by the storyline while watching it. 


In the video, mom can be seen drinking coffee on the couch, totally absorbed in what's playing out on the TV in front of her, before she gets interrupted by a loud noise in the background.

"Me getting way too emotionally invested in the storyline of a Bluey episode while my toddler falls off the counter," she captioned the video.

Well, who hasn't been there? The getting too invested part, not the falling off the counter part. It's hard not to get invested when Bluey and Bingo are always up to something and Chili and Bandit are teaching us how to handle our toddlers' emotions with grace!

Fortunately, it doesn't seem like any toddlers were actually harmed in the making of this funny video. And if anyone catches us watching Bluey even after our kids have gone to bed... well, mind your own business.