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9 Month Old Tries to Match Mommy's Pitch and It's So Cute When They Try Hitting High Note

Some things are just genetic.

Lots of parents sing with their babies. From "The Wheels on the Bus" to your favorite old jam that you play in the car, it's just a natural thing to do. But what if mom or dad isn't just a sing-in-the-shower type? What if they're professional singers? Baby songtime might be a little more serious.

This adorable video from @thesmithtribe4 shows what happens when a mom who's an opera singer shows her baby how to sing a few notes...and her baby tries matching her pitch. It's too cute...and when they get to the high note, the cuteness level skyrockets, too.


So ridiculously cute! Clearly this little boy has those musical genes. It takes babies a long time to learn how to sing on pitch, but he's already trying! And what a fun thing for mom to be able to do with her little one...anytime can be music class. 

Commenters couldn't get enough of this singing lesson...
"Please make more of these!! This was adorable and we’d love to see the music and love grow :)"
"The high pitch bit.. omg"
"The raspberry sound at the end"
"That last note was a hard 'no' for him"
"Aww…so tuned in to his momma. Love that. This is amazing"
"I love that he came in on your first note, like he was holding onto it as you moved up."
"The little face of focusing I love the little high pitch"
"Little baby gonna be a singer I’m sure"

It's so great when you can share your talents and passions with your kids...and they respond! This little one will be singing forever..