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Mom Gives Important Reminder on Why She Doesn't Let Age Dictate Her Style

She’s a queen and her kids know it.

As a mom, there are certain expectations for the way we dress — after all, the term "mom jeans" didn't come from nowhere! Besides, women in general have to deal with a lot of commentary about what they wear and how they behave as they get older, and yes, it is absolutely unfair.

But there's one mom on TikTok who is ignoring what society tells her and dressing however she wants, regardless of how old she is or how people might think. In one video, she wore some adorable checkered pants with flowers as she explained how not letting anyone else dictate the way she dresses has had an impact on not just her, but her children, too. 


"My kids told me this morning, 'Mom, you dress so cool' and it made me think of something," she shared in the video. "I will always express myself so my kids know they can do the same without feeling insecure." 

She does look cool, and most of all, it looks like dressing the way she wants gives her the confidence to be her best, and that's an amazing example to set for her children.

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"I love this! I sometimes feel insecure because I definitely dress younger than the moms around me and choose to tone things down, but I shouldn't!" one fellow mom commented. 

Don't wear the mom jeans — unless you want to, of course. We can all learn a lesson about expressing ourselves from this mama! 

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