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Mom’s Parody On Checking the “Vibe” of Other Parents at the Park Is Spot-On

Would you pass the vibe test?

Making new mom friends is rough, there's no question about it. There are so many opinions that parents get super passionate about and cause big huge disagreements, and it's tough to just bring those all up when you're first meeting someone to make sure you're on the same page. So you kind of have to scope out new potential friends before you make your approach, like @fruitsofmotherhood did in this video, which asks: "Did you pass the vibe check?"

We see the mom pretending to be at the playground, checking out a new potential friend as she says random things to get a reaction: "Dinosaur chicken nuggets...unlimited screen time...oh, my kids haven't had a vegetable in weeks..." 

The mom who doesn't judge for any of the above is a mom who can hang.


So hilarious. The last thing you want is a "friend" who judges your parenting traits as weaknesses and is constantly telling you how things should really be done. The thing is, we all know the way we're supposed to be doing things as parents. We know kids are supposed to eat vegetables and things that aren't in the shape of dinosaurs and that they're not supposed to spend the majority of their time sharing at screens, but life is hard. 

Commenters totally related to this mom...
"My kids get their veggies from the veggie and fruit pouches and other nutrients from their multivitamin"
"You had me at chicken nuggets"
"Did we just become best friends?"
"Friendship unlocked"
"Alllll the important questions!!!"
"This is the only kind of parental small talk I want to engage in at the playground"

Do you pass the vibe check? Because if you do, there's a friend waiting for you at the playground.