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Pediatrician Has a Special Message For Moms About What Not to Feed Your Kid

Stick around to the end, there’s an important lesson

If you're a mom who uses social media, you're used to being bombarded with messages: about the right ways to play, the right experiences for maximum brain development, the right foods for optimal health. A lot of these messages from "perfect" moms can make moms IRL feel pretty bad about themselves.

That's why @thepedipals made this brilliant video. When it starts out, you think you're getting yelled at about doing all the wrong things and feeling bad about your choices. But before you get too depressed, the pediatrician giving the lecture drops the pretense and tells everybody to chill out: Nothing they're doing is ruining their children for life. 

So funny, right? Because most likely you were totally believing that whole thing about the orange dye in cheese balls causing liver toxicity (it seemed plausible!). It's so ridiculous when you realize who easily you're swayed into believing less-than-legit info because it's presented with confidence. 

Commenters were too ready to believe, too (but so relieved to find out it wasn't true):
"What really sold it was the half eaten container of cheese puffs"
"I saw the Nutella and was like 'do I really need a pancreas anyway?'"
"I knew you were playing because the cheese ball container was half empty"
"Oh my gosh! Thank goodness you were joking… my kid has had all of those"
"I was real worried about the Cheetos"
"I was screaming like 'nooo not Nutella'"

Thank goodness that doctor was only playing with us all. Because we all know a life without cheese balls and Nutella is a life not worth living.