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Man Pranks Mom by Pretending to Disrespect His GF in Front of Her and Her Reaction Has Women Cheering

Do NOT play with mama

Some moms think their kids can do no wrong, but other moms hold their kids to a certain standard of behavior, particularly when it comes to teenagers and dating. After years of trying to teach your kid how to treat other people and interact like a human being, it can be stressful for parents to wonder how they'll actually act once they're in the dating arena. The mom in this video from @olajuwon150 has clearly raised her son to respect women, so when she hears her son start to freak out on his girlfriend over the phone, using disrespectful language, she is not having any of it. (Never mind the fact that the whole thing is a prank.)


How awesome is that mom!? She’s like, “Call her back right now.” It’s so amazing that she hasn’t even heard what happened yet or why her son and his girlfriend are arguing, but she knows her son is being disrespectful to a woman and she is totally not having it for one second. (Seems like the kids weren’t even really having an argument, the whole thing was just a setup. Why do kids do this to their poor already stressed-out mothers??)

Commenters unsurprisingly were one million percent behind this mama, dropping complement after complement:
"Momma is the QUEEN!!"
"This is a fine example how all mums should raise their boys"
"God, I need a mother in law like her"

Indeed, that's exactly the kind of woman you want for a who won't automatically take your son's side in a disagreement and regularly encourages him to treat you like a princess. Someday, this woman will make her future daughter-in-law very happy, there's no question. That husband will never forget a birthday!

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