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Mom Proposes to Husband With the Help of Their Kids

They bucked tradition and got this super sweet moment.

As much as we want to pretend that we're beyond gender norms in 2022, they still exist, and that includes people thinking of men being the ones who get down on one knee when a heterosexual couple gets engaged. It doesn't have to be that way, though — plenty of women have been the ones to pop the question to their man over the years. Bucking that tradition usually yields adorable results, after all. 

Case in point: This sweet proposal where a mom enlisted the help of her children to propose to their dad. She shared the footage from the big moment on TikTok, and it was absolutely worth all the effort they put into it.


The kids each entered the room, wearing a shirt to complete the question, "Daddy, will you marry our mommy?" After the youngest one made it into the room, Mom got down on one knee with the ring. It's no surprise that Dad said yes — how could he say anything else with a proposal like that?

Anyone who's had to coordinate their kids for something like this knows how much effort this must have been on Mom's part, so props to her for making it come together so nicely! 

Out of more than 140 comments on the video, people shared their congratulations, pointing out how awesome it was that Mom was the one to propose.

"Changing the gender norms…. Go mom!!!" one person wrote.

"This made me have happy tears. I love this so much," said another comment.

This is truly too sweet. Congrats to Mom and Dad!