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Mom’s Rant About “Mom Rage” Has Us Feeling Seen

“Maybe I’m not the problem?”

If you’re a mom (or even if you’re not), you’ve probably heard the term “mom rage” being tossed about. In case you’re not clear, mom rage seems to refer to what happens when a mom’s daily frustrations and annoyances all add up and boil over and she momentarily loses it in some form or another (usually by yelling at the children who caused the mom rage in the first place). But @diaryofanhonestmom had a brilliant thought...what if "mom rage" isn't about moms at all?


Look at that! Remove the mom from the enraging situation, and the rage goes away. Genius! So it seems mom rage really isn't about the mom herself, per se. It's really about the people around her, who just happen to be really good at pushing all her buttons and making the "rage" come out. 

Of course, all too often it's the case that a mom can't remove herself from an enraging situation, usually because she's the only responsible adult party present. But even if you can get away with a few minutes in the bathroom or something, just a moment or two of solitude can work wonders. At the same time, of course, if you're feeling mom rage, it's your right to own it. It's all about making it work for you. 

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