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Mom Learns Which T-Shirt Daughter ‘Hid’ Under Hoodie and Was Proud Of ‘Controversial’ Choice

Some think it’s too grown up for her, while others are saying they wish all kids rocked shirts like this.

Our kids are like sponges. What we say and do has a deep impact on them, as does how we react to things. We aren’t just talking about interpersonal relationships, we mean all the “grown up” conversations that kids are actually paying attention too. They hear who we “defend” and who we tear down. And they learn to form their own opinion on these matters most likely aligning with our point of view at least at first. It’s why parents are becoming even more conscious about what we say and do on a regular basis. 

Which is why we try to encourage the most positive, inclusive, and kind morals onto our kids. And some moms are not afraid of how “strongly” that message comes across. In fact, one mom was tickled that he daughter wore a “controversial” shirt to school, totally unprompted by her. 


Captioning the short video, the mom wrote: “Raise the change you want to see in the world!”

In the video, she asks her girl to straighten out her shirt so it could be fully read. The slogan reads “Why be racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic when you could just be quiet?” The shirt was apparently hidden underneath a hoodie in the morning so the mom didn’t even see it. 

So many folks were in support of the positive message of the shirt, even if the language was “strong.”

“It feels like our generation is going to raise the most understanding and non ignorant group of people. Emotionally intelligent as well,” wrote one follower.

Other comments included a variety of support and criticism, but in the end the kind words overrun the hately one. Here’s to raising kinder kids.