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This Woman Explains What's Really Going On In Her Head When It Looks Like She's Judging Fellow Moms

Hint: She's not actually judging them.

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As a mom, something interesting happens to you when you see another mom out doing their thing in the wild. While it's totally human to judge sometimes when you see a fellow parent doing something you wouldn't do, most of the time, we're marveling at how much better they seem to be at this whole thing. Why does everyone else seem to have their stuff together more than we do?

But if you happen to catch what seems to be a judgy glance in your direction, think twice before getting upset — according to a mom on TikTok, what you might be witnessing is actually just a bit of adoration for the way you handle things.


In the first clip, the mom in the video looks absolutely amazed by what she's looking at. "Me in my head admiring another mom because she's super pretty and seems so kind and patient with her kids," she wrote.

But when she reveals what her face looks like in reality when she's having those thoughts, it looks like she's thinking the complete opposite. 

This mom is definitely not alone! Some who watched her video chimed in to let her know that they also suffer from the same issue. "One time a mom straight up asked me what my problem was. Like uh I think you’re doing amazing, sorry my face doesn’t translate," one user wrote.

Maybe this is a good reminder for all of us to check our facial expressions when we're out in public. And maybe we should also start sharing our compliments with other moms out loud? You never know when it could make someone's day.