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Newborn Mom’s Hack For Fitting In ‘Meals’ During the Day Is Hysterical and Genius

Do what works…

There's nothing quite like those newborn months. They don't call it the fourth trimester for nothing! While caring for a new baby who's on an unpredictable sleeping and eating schedule as they adjust to life on the outside, most new moms are exhausted and don't have much time to themselves — it can even be hard to sneak in a shower or a meal without a baby attached to them.

But then, there's this mom, who happened to get a little creative in finding ways to eat around her newborn's schedule. She decided to work with the baby to feed herself, and her funny mealtime hack actually works! 


"They say when you are feeding your baby, and they keep trying to stick their hands in your mouth, that they are just trying to feed you back," she wrote. "So I just handed her something I wanted to eat." 

In the clip, we can see a tiny hand reaching a celery stick up and into her mom's mouth, allowing her to take a bite. LOL!

"This is so much better than getting my lips clawed open," she added.

Hey, she's gotta do whatever works in order to feed herself... and since negotiating with a newborn is obviously not a thing, this was her next best option.

This is basically the definition of working smarter, not harder. We gotta give this mama credit for feeding herself and making us laugh.