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Mom Shares Big News With Son and His Reaction Is So Precious

He’s always going to be her #1 fan.

Sometimes, it seems like our kids don't notice all the hard work we do. It's not that they don't appreciate it, exactly, it's just that what we do on the computer all day or in an office just isn't all that interesting to little kids...all they know is that it's "work" and it doesn't involve them. But the super sweet little boy in this video from @abigaylehope1 has been paying very close attention to all the hours his mom has spent on the laptop over the past year and know just what all her hard work has meant. So when she tells him she got into university, he's so excited for her. And it's absolutely adorable. 


He's so happy for her! We're so used to being happy for our kid's successes that it doesn't always even occur to us that our kids might be happy for us when we reach a new goal, but they just might be happier for us than anybody. Which is so heartbreakingly sweet. Commenters were super proud and happy for this mom, too, and they were so charmed by this lovely little boy.
"Awwww bless him. so pleased for you. Well done, all that hard work has paid off for you. congratulations hun"
"My heart is so full…. “I’m so glad” his little voice"
"Awh bless him “finished all your assignments”
"That little “I’m so proud” made me cry"
This boy clearly understands what a major thing it was for his mom to get into uni and totally paid attention every time she had an assignment to finish. And now he just couldn't be prouder. What an incredible example this mom is setting for her son in so many ways.