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Son and Mom Reunite After 21 Years Apart and It’s So Beautiful

This brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

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Growing up under our parents' roof, it can be hard to imagine a day when we don't see them every day. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a good relationship with their parents, but those who do can really struggle with accepting the fact that adulthood — along with so many other outside factors — can keep us from seeing our families as often as we might like. It's hard to be away from your parents, and it's hard, as a parent, to be away from your child. 

Knowing this, it just makes the reunions so much sweeter, especially this one that's going viral on TikTok. A son was finally reunited with his mother after 21 years apart, and it's no surprise that after a separation spanning more than two decades it ended up being a very emotional event for everyone involved.

At first, the son — who is clearly all grown up now — was crying before he even made it over to his mom, and then, it didn't look like there was a dry eye in the room when they finally embraced. 

The OP also shared another video of this moment without the background music, so you can hear the chatter and the mariachi band playing in the background. This is such a special thing to have on video forever, especially since it happened during the holidays. 

It's easy to tell, even just from this video, that there is so much love between this mother and son. Here's hoping they don't have to go so long without seeing each other again. 

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