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Baby’s Reaction To Simply Seeing Mom Is Enough To Melt Your Heart

His whole face changed.

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We could never downplay the role a dad plays in a child's life. But after spending 9 months in the womb, it's no wonder that many babies end up being especially attached to their moms for awhile... and when they're away, the separation anxiety can be a lot to handle. It just makes those reunions all the more special, though.

In one video that recently popped up on TikTok, we see the perfect example of how one glance at Mom can totally make a baby's day. Even though this little guy is having fun in the water with his dad, the moment he sees his mama, he gets the biggest smile on his face. We can't deal! 


That big grin and the giggles that follow are just too much. This little guy is a cutie, and it's clear how he feels about his mama (even though we can definitely see that he adores his dad, too, even from just this short clip!). 

Those who watched the video and commented felt the same way.

"The way his eyes light up once they're on momma... is just a different type of love," one person wrote.

Another added, "Anytime my babies see me it’s the biggest smile. They really do love us so much." 

It makes all those sleepless nights so worth it — who doesn't want to see a smile like that every day?