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Mom Moved to Tears When Son Plays Special Song For Her and TBH So Were We

This is all a mom really wants

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As parents, we don't always expect to be appreciated. We do what we do because we love our children, not because we expect thanks. That said, it does feel pretty amazing when kids do manage to somehow express their gratitude for being fed, clothed, know, for everything. That's what makes this video from @x_gabrielito_ so amazing...and it's why you're going to cry and cry when you watch it. This teen not only decided to show his mom how great he thinks she is, he did it in the sweetest way: with a special song.


No judgment if you happen to have a giant lump in your throat right about now. The mom's reaction is the real tearjerker here. She's just doing her thing in the kitchen, taking care of business the way moms do, and her son surprises her with this incredibly emotional song from out of nowhere. It's enough to turn the average mother into a puddle. What makes this so especially moving is that it's a teenager who's giving his mom props. Teens have a bad reputation when it comes to attitude, but this boy is straight-up sweet, and he wants to make his mom happy. Looks like she deserves all the thanks in the world.