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Mom’s Table Spaghetti Might Be Your New Favorite Family Tradition

Let ’em get messy…

Let's face it: It's almost impossible to do mealtime with kids without making a mess. Despite our best efforts using bibs, napkins, and sippy cups to our advantage, there's always at least a little clean up after dinner. But what happens when we embrace the mess and decide to have some fun with it? That's what one mom did, and she's making us want to try this mealtime parenting hack for ourselves. 

We've all heard of table nachos, but this a different animal entirely: Table spaghetti. Seeing the mom in this video dump out a pot of steaming pasta onto her dining room table (with a disposable tablecloth underneath it, of course) shocked her kids and the rest of us watching all at the same time.


It was hard to watch her proceed to pour the sauce directly on the table after that... but seeing how happy it made her kids (and how simple it kept their meal) has us thinking this might not be such a bad idea after all. Everyone was happy and fed, and as the mom pointed out in the video, dinner ended up being "equal parts cringe and cute." 

"Table spaghetti=a major mom win. Worth all the mess plus it’s a cheap easy way to keep life fun," she wrote in her caption.

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Not all meals have to be all business, after all — sometimes, it can be about making a fun memory with the kids, and it's safe to say that this is one dinner they'll never forget.

Sometimes, making memories like this is totally worth the mess.

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