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Mom Shares the One Thing She Wishes She Splurged On When First Expecting

We could not agree more.

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Pregnancy can be a really exciting time, not least of all because of the shopping that's involved. Is there anything better than stocking a closet with tiny, adorable clothes that you'll get to dress your newborn in after they arrive? But when it comes to the actual things you need and want for a baby, it can quickly get very overwhelming.

Plenty of parents in your life will try to give you advice (both the kind you ask for and the kind you didn't) about what you need for your baby-to-be, but this tip from a mom on TikTok is one we can definitely get behind. She shared the one nursery purchase she wished she splurged on right from the start, and many experienced parents will likely agree. 

This mom explained that at first, she cheaped out on a wooden glider she purchased on Amazon for under $200, but then, after she realized how much time she spent in it with her baby, she had major regret. So when she was expecting her second child, she decided to right that wrong and asked for her mom and grandmother to split the cost of a nicer recliner. 

And we're talking nice, y'all — they got her a La-Z-Boy rocker recliner that swivels and now that she knows the good life, she is never looking back, especially since she does enjoy rocking her babies to sleep every night.

Depending on your budget, it's not always feasible to splurge on any baby items, but if you have the room for a splurge or have family members who are willing to chip in for one big gift, this is a great one to ask for. And if you pick out something neutral, after your baby's rocking days are over, it can be moved to enjoy in another room for years to come. 

This is the way, future moms. Treat yourself!