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Mom Converts Tent Into a Cool Sandbox & Kids Are Obsessed

Hours of fun, shaded entertainment.

As spring slips away through our fingers it can mean only one thing: Summer is coming. While we welcome the warm weather and the beautiful pool days, that also means our kids are going to be home… a lot. And we are bound to be subjected to the most dreaded saying known to mankind on repeat for three months: “I’m bored.” Combating summer boredom can be challenging on both your mental state and your wallet. Which is why this mom’s brilliant summer hack is worth giving a shot. 


All she did was pick up a $30 tent from Walmart. Strategically placing it on her deck, she filled it with play sand and beach toys and boom! She had a great, shaded spot for her kids to sneak away from the hot summer sun. Plus, it helps to keep the sand clean and bug free by simply zipping it up at night. 

User @Wimberley was excited to give it a try saying, “We have one and love it! I hadn’t thought about the sand…”

We know that we’ll definitely be giving this one a shot for our little ones. After all, what is $20 when it comes to a little piece of summer quiet?