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Mom Sees Daughter’s Friend For the First Time After Their Transition and It’s So Wholesome

So much love there.

You never know how people are going to react when they're faced with new and potentially challenging situations, so when they exceed your expectations and respond with total awesomeness, it's pretty amazing. Especially when you could really use their support. 

An amazing, supportive reaction is what you'll see in this adorable video from @lauralovese.t. She set up the video: "My mom meeting my friend after his transition for the first time." Is the scene that follows going to be awkward or strained? Nope. It's going to be so full of love and acceptance you'll want to cry. 


That hug. That is pure love right there. You can tell that mom is there for her kid's friend 100 percent and then some. Can you imagine how incredible that hug must have felt to the creator's friend? That's exactly the reaction you'd want from anybody you shared your journey with. 

Commenters were so moved. 
"Mom is down with straight love. Glorious"
"I love this so much for him this must have really made him feel validated and loved!!!"
"‘dude’ omg that must’ve felt so validating for him"
"The anxious stammering at the end trying not to say the wrong thing"
"This is one of the scariest experiences and probably the best response you can imagine!!!"
"I love this. No judgement. No opinions. Just absolute love."
"This is so freaking adorable. I love your mom. She is so sweet and this video just radiates positive vibes and I’m obsessed"
"I’m sobbing can I have her?"

This mom truly does seem like the most lovely person. If only every reaction could be this way!