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Mom Wakes Up In Hospital and Claims Baby Is Missing But the Truth Is Way Funnier

What a twist!

If you've ever gone under general anesthesia for surgery before, then you probably know that waking up can be an... interesting experience. And no two people handle it the same way! Some people get very emotional when they wake up, some think everything's funny, and apparently, some create a totally different version of reality in their confusion.

One mom on TikTok shared her story after waking up from anesthesia — and at first, it seems a little scary. Once she was awake, she was sure that her baby had gone missing, but there was just one problem: Her baby had never been at the hospital in the first place! 


This mama hadn't gone to the hospital to give birth — she was actually just there to get her gallbladder removed. At first, she was "panicked and freaked out" when she woke up and her baby was nowhere to be found, but then, she realized what was actually going on.

After she asked a nurse if they'd taken her baby to the nursery so she could get some rest, it dawned on her: "My baby's at home, with my husband, because I just had my gallbladder removed. Talk about best sleep of my life that I forgot that I don't have my baby with me!" 

LOL — this poor mom! We don't doubt that she must have been seriously freaked out, but in the end, it seems like she was ultimately able to laugh at herself.

Like we said, coming out of anesthesia can be hard on people... but for this mom, it sounds like everything worked out. We hope she got plenty of rest!