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New Mom Surprised Her Friends and Family With the Birth of Her Baby, Resulting in the Most Epic Reactions Ever

This must have been the hardest secret to keep.

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Pregnancy and birth are such personal, important moments that every new mom is going to have different comfort levels when it comes to sharing the details. Some expecting moms are going to want to keep most of those details to themselves, while others are happy and even excited to document the entire experience online. There's no wrong choice here — just the one that feels right to you.

But knowing how hard it can be to keep something so special completely under wraps can be, we have to give props to the people out there who manage to surprise their loved ones with pregnancy and birth announcements. For example: This new mama who didn't tell anyone in her life she'd gone into labor until after her baby had already arrived, and shared all of her friends and family's reactions in a TikTok video.  

Knowing how long the labor process can take, we can't imagine how hard it must have been for this mama to keep it to herself — and to dodge telling the truth if she was still keeping in touch with her people during this time! But no matter how challenging keeping this secret might have been for her, after watching this video, we can see that it was absolutely worth the payoff in the end. 

After the baby was born, she FaceTimed each of her loved ones, showing them the new member of her family in action. Their expressions ranged from shock to pure joy to even tears. And to make it even better, it looks like baby was born the same week as Halloween, because more than one of her friends was in costume when she called them! 

This baby boy is obviously already so loved — and so is his mama.