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Mom Stops Tantrum Dead In Its Tracks With…Zoomies?

Whatever works!

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It's never easy to redirect a toddler once they've started down the road of the tantrum. You can try to distract, or soothe, or rationalize (good luck with that), but once toddlers cross a certain line it's really hard to get them to come back. Usually, you have no choice but to wait it out. Let it run its course. But one mom had a fabulous idea for a distraction that really works: zoomies.

In this video from @jusssliv, we see a toddler in the beginning stages of a tantrum. Then her mom starts running in circles like a dog with zoomies, and everything changes. 

Hilarious! It happens slowly at first, sort of...the transition from crying to laughing. But once it happens, the toddler usually can't even remember what they were upset about in the first place. Now they're just wondering why their caretaker is acting so silly. And with their notoriously short attention spans, they probably won't even return to the issue that was making them so frustrated. 

Commenters were super impressed with this gentle parenting technique..
"Great job momma. Phenomenal job honestly. Gentle parenting is the way to go. Give these babies what we didn't have"
"Gentle parenting and exercise, seems like a win win."
"I'm just happy watching us do this for our babies."
"2 in 1: Calms the baby down AND you get exercise"
"me, tired after two laps: so, we good or not?"
"People forget kids have emotions too just like adults"
"This is helpful for when they are older because they can just think to themself that they need to take a run to relax instead of have a meltdown."

It really is a pretty genius idea when you think about it. Who knows? Maybe this little girl will start running when she's frustrated and grow to become a huge track star. At least she won't be having a tantrum!