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Mom's Teen Is Hilariously Not The "Mini Me" She Was Expecting

Life is full of surprises

Sometimes, kids take after their parents so much it's almost scary. Like little genetic copies, from their appearances to their opinions. More often than not, though, kids are maybe a little bit like their parents in some ways, but they're mostly just themselves...and sometimes that's more than what parents were expecting. This video from @mrskarib is a super funny illustration of what happens when a kid turns out to be a lot different from what their parent was expecting. 


Too funny. The best part is that both the mom and the teen clearly have a sense of humor about their differences. Sure, they disagree about fashion and probably about 100 other things, but they love each other. And if they can appreciate their differences, then their relationship will be super strong (and it's not always easy to have a super strong relationship with a teen). The important thing is that you give your teen the freedom to be who they want to be and don't try to make them fit your expectations, whether or not that has anything to do with whether they're like you. 
Of course, the funny thing is that the mom and daughter in this video actually do resemble each other, hair color and styling aside, as commenters pointed out:
"Twins but different fonts"
"U might not see it mama but y’all are twins!!! Those facial expressions are identical!" "you did get a mini you, it's the remix tho"
"Your faces are 100% the same"
"um yep you get to watch yourself grow up again lol"
"if she had blonde hair she would 100% be your twin"
Chances are the mom was referring to more than just their styles, as teens tend to be very passionate about their own opinions and beliefs (and how everybody else's opinions and beliefs are wrong). But if these two are making TikToks together and laughing, they must have a pretty great relationship nonetheless.