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Daughter Tells Mom With Tourettes She Hates Her Tics and Their Conversation Afterward Is Everything

She isn’t being mean, she’s honest.

Raising children is hard enough, but raising children while also dealing with a pretty disruptive diagnosis can be especially challenging. As parents, we hate to think of anything we're going through affecting our kids in a negative way, but it doesn't have to be all bad — it can also help our children learn important lessons they might not have otherwise.

For example: A mom with Tourettes who shared a very honest conversation she had with her daughter on TikTok. Her daughter was willing to admit to her that she "hates" her mom's tics that come with her disorder, even though it might not have been what her mom wanted to hear. 


From offscreen, we can hear her six year old daughter explaining that she hates her mom's tics when they are loud because they hurt her ears. And while we definitely feel proud of her being able to so openly express herself, we're also proud of Mom for being so understanding through their entire conversation, even while dealing with something so difficult herself.

"I just feel bad that it hurts your ears and I can't control it when those things happen," Mom told her.

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But through her honesty, her daughter reminded her that she loves her and that she understands she can't control it, showing how strong their relationship must be. 

It can be so hard to know the right way to help our kids express their feelings well, but so far, it seems like this mom is doing a great job.

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