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Mom Shares Heartwarming Conversation With Her Trans Child About Choosing to Wear Boys' Clothes

They clearly have the best relationship.

As a parent, it's our job to help our kids grow and figure out who they are, and that includes supporting them and validating them at a young age, even if it leads to some complicated conversations. We want to be soft places to land for our kids, and for them to come with us to talk about anything that might be on their minds, and that starts with fostering an open and honest relationship with them from the beginning.

One mom is showing us all how it's done on TikTok. She recorded a conversation with her child, who was born female and has told her she wants to be a boy (she's still using "she/her" pronouns at this point), and hearing how sweet their conversation was is enough to make any parent tear up.


It was really refreshing to hear just how honest she was able to be with her child about her own worries for her happiness — and the kind of honesty that her kid was willing to give her in return. Just watching this three minute conversation tells us all we need to know about their relationship! 

So many people commented on the video, writing how touched they were by it. 

"You’re so gentle and respectful of that little person you’re guiding through life. You should be so proud!" one person wrote, while another added, "This is so sweet. You did a good job of validating your baby and listening without making it a big deal." 

This kid is lucky to have her as a mom, because it sounds like she's willing to do anything she can to support her as she figures out who she is. We could all learn something from her!