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Twin Mom Gives Birth to Kids on Technically Different Days and Nurse Literally Couldn’t Comprehend It

There was a total communication breakdown.

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Becoming a twin parent is wild for more reasons than one. Even on a basic level, it's hard to wrap your mind around the fact that two babies are in there, not just one. It's a totally different experience than carrying and giving birth to a singleton.

And even though the twins are hanging out in their mom's belly together, when they're born, their birthdays might surprise you. One mom on TikTok shared how her twins were technically born on different days... and the misunderstanding that occurred because of it. 

Her births happened late at night, which means one of her babies was born before midnight and one was born after. This means that they have different birthdays, which is pretty cool — and not all that rare in the twin world. Still, this led to a miscommunication that played out at this mom's first well visit with the pediatrician after leaving the hospital.

The issue came up at the end of the appointment, when she was trying to schedule the next one. The person at the front desk asked her what day she delivered, and of course, the records show that it was technically on two different days, so that's what she told her.

This led to a lot of confusion for the person at reception, who even got impatient with her for giving two different dates, and somehow, the conversation just went downhill from there. 

We can see how frustrating this could have become for a brand new, very sleep deprived mom to two newborns... and hopefully, she'll have better luck at the next appointment.

Something tells us she's going to have to explain this a lot through her kids' lives!