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Mom Venting About Her 'Hoarder Child' Shares Why It's Important to Stay Calm While Cleaning Their Room

It's not a time for discipline.

Messy rooms are a fact of parenthood — our kids are probably not going to keep their spaces as clean as we'd like them to, and usually, that means we have to take a day to really dig into the mess with them (even though both of us would rather be doing literally anything else). In some situations, it starts to reach that "disgusting" area, especially with kids in their teen years, and handling the situation with grace is not always the easiest thing in the world to do.

There's one mom on TikTok who's showing us how to keep our cool about the whole thing, even if just in a small way. After venting her frustrations while helping her "hoarder child" clean up, she gave an approach to those watching that might just work next time we attempt to tackle a giant mess. 


In the video, she shares that she's cleaning with a kid who is "triggered by cleaning," and at the same time, as they're digging their way through the mess, she's realizing that they've broken a lot of her rules about what they're not allowed to have in their room. But even as she's frustrated herself, she still managed to dispose some useful advice to fellow moms in the same situation. 

Taking a deep breath, the mom says, "It is not a time to discipline. It is not even a time to teach them how to keep things clean. We are in the process of learning how to clean a messy space and then, when it's clean, then we can introduce the skills of how do we keep it clean." 

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She's right — as hard as it can be to hold our tongues at times like this. Our relationship with our kids (and their relationship with cleaning) will only be better for it. 

We just hope this mama and her kid got through it! 

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