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Single Mom Gets Sweetest Affirmation From Son After Discovering Something Special In His Wallet

Mama is doing just fine.

When you're a mom, it's hard to know if you're doing a good job. There's so much self-doubt involved. This is especially true when you're a single mom, and you don't have a partner there at all times to encourage you when you're feeling down and who can share the uncertainties of parenting with you. 

That's why what happened to @_laurenkay meant so much to her, and would mean so much to any single mom (or any mom, really). She was just going through her son's wallet when she found an incredibly touching surprise.


Aww. Just knowing that your child is carrying around a picture of you would absolutely be enough to make the average mom start sobbing, but that's especially true when "you’re a single mom who always feels like she falls short," as the mom wrote. This is just the kind of validation that a single mom prays for, so to find this picture probably meant more than just about anything in the whole world. And validation as a parent is so important, because you're doing the most important thing in the entire world and you just need to know you're doing okay sometimes. 

Commenters were so happy for this mom and genuinely supportive:
"SOBBING they always find the best ways to remind us we’re doing a good job. Especially when we feel like we aren’t"
"Omg STOPPPP as a boy mom who also always feelings like I’m falling short, this is PRECIOUS. He loves you so much."
"You might not feel like enough, but you are his whole world"
"I would rather mean everything to one person than be just something to everyone"

That last statement is so incredibly true. What an important reminder!