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Mom Captures the Moment She Had to School Her Kid On “Weaponized Incompetence”

It happens more often than not...

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Lately, the term "weaponized incompetence" has become a major buzz phrase — so many people are talking about it, often in reference to a spouse who doesn't do their part around the house or in parenting. It means pretending not to know how to do a task or pretending to be bad at it to avoid doing it altogether, and it can be a big sticking point in relationships of all kinds. 

One mom on TikTok has shared that she even had to teach her child not to use weaponized incompetence as a tool to get out of doing things. In the video, he's saying that he doesn't know how to help her with the yard work, but Mom knows better.


"You're using incompetence as a weapon, and I'm not gonna deal with it," the frustrated mom says to her son. "You're not gonna act like you don't know how to do anything because you don't know how to do it." 

"This isn’t only a men or boys thing. Everyone does it or has done it at some point. The convo just needs to be had regardless," Mom added in the comments. 

Weaponized incompetence isn't okay for anyone to use, since respect in relationships should be a two-way street. It certainly sounds like this kid learned a lesson, and maybe other parents who saw the video learned something, too.