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Mom’s Trick To Get Kid To Stop Whining Is So Simple Yet So Genius

This could potentially save a few families some heartache.

Parents can unanimously agree that their darling little blessings are capable of pushing them to the edge. Some days are better than others, but overall, the one thing that triggers most grown-ups with kids is whining. Whining is a part of kids growing up, but let’s face it, it is incredibly annoying. And parents of more than one kid are at risk of being in an endless loop that could drive a zen Buddhist mad.

One mom cracked the code for her toddler to get him to stop whining and begging, and shared it via TikTok. 


The big “secret”? Want the thing they want more than they want it. For example, if your toddler is begging for chocolate in the backseat, flip the script as say “Oh wow you know what I really want some chocolate, do you have any chocolate?” Then, ask them to look for it. For example, the mom asks her toddler to check his carseat or his hair, and when he obviously turns up short, she shrugs and says she understands and that it’s ok he doesn’t have any.

This does two things: It distracts them from their emotionally unregulated feelings and it puts them on the same team. And as easy as that, they are diffused and you aren’t left wringing your hands. 

Fellow parents absolutely loved this idea, and felt that it’d come in handy on long road trips or in tight situations.

“Also gives him a great model on how to accept no as an answer,” complimented another parent and it’s true! 

So thank you angel parent of the internet, as one of your followers said “may your pillow always be cool on both sides.”