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Mom Shares What Her Sick Day Looks Like In a "Mommune" and Mothers Everywhere Want In

Is there, like, a waiting list or…?

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Raising kids isn't easy, especially in 2022, when it seems like the idea of a "village" is all but gone from our society. Where moms used to have a lot more help from neighbors, friends, and extended family when their kids were young, more and more, it seems like we only have our partners and daycare providers to turn to, which can lead to a lot of stressful situations. Sometimes, what we need most is the help of a mom who gets it.

And now that one mom who is currently living in a "mommune" — a play on the word "commune" to describe her current situation — is sharing how well she's taken care of when she's sick, we're rethinking our lives. We all need to get in on this! 

After she got divorced, this mama moved in with her BFF, who is also a single mom, and now, they're raising their kids together. That means that when the chips are down and one of them needs a bit more slack, the other comes through for her like only another mom would — and that included when she was sick. 

Though many moms continue to parent as usual when they're not feeling well, this mama actually got to rest, and as far as we can tell, she was treated like an absolute queen. Her BFF cared for the kids, baked her favorite cookies, and made her soup for dinner. To top it all off, she even took the kids out to the park so the sick mom could rest in a quiet, empty house.

This is the kind of partnership we're looking for. Is the mommune taking applications for new members? We'll start packing.

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