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Dad Takes Kids Shopping For Mom’s Birthday Presents and Their Picks Are So Sweet

They did a great job TBH.

If you're a parent, there's a very good chance that some of your most prized possessions in the world are the things your children have given or made you for occasions like birthdays, Mother's Day, and holidays. They might not have the biggest budget (or any budget at all), but what they choose to give us always warms our hearts. Is there anything better than a homemade card that tiny hands worked painstakingly to create for their mom or dad?

Maybe that's why videos like this one get us right in the feelings every time. One mom on TikTok shared the gifts that her children picked out for her birthday during a shopping trip with Dad, and we can't get over how perfect these presents are. 


Her husband took the kids out and had them each pick a present to give their mom, and they were so proud as they presented their gifts (and yes, they also wrapped them — so sweet!). Her birthday haul included a mug shaped like a fox, a box of cups, and a fly swatter.

Okay, so maybe not all of the items on this list would have been her first choice, but what matters is that her kids took the time to pick them out (and we have to give Dad props for helping them do it, too). 

In the comments, fellow parents are weighing in on similar gifts they've received from their kids.

"I LOVE seeing what they pick for themselves. My boy is so thoughtful. He once made me a snow globe using a jar, water and glitter. So cute!" one mom wrote.

It doesn't matter what the gift is — it's the thought that counts. This is one lucky mom!