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SAHM Takes Control of the TV and Swears It Changes Everything

It doesn’t have to be kid’s shows all the time.

There's this thing that happens when you first have kids where you think everything in your life has to suddenly be not just kid-friendly, but kid-centric. It's kid's music in the car, kid's TV shows in the house, from morning til night. Except, what if it didn't have to be that way all the time? What if sometimes kids had to deal with grown-up entertainment?

In this video from @em.martines, a mom explains how she made a recent realization: "I've been a SAHM for two years and I realized something weird today. Every time the TV is on during the day we're watching something the kids like. Like it's never crossed my mind to put a show on that I liked because the babies are here???? Well today I put on a Christmas movie when we woke up and I'm drinking my coffee and they are playing and my day automatically started out 10x better than when we start the day with Ms. Rachel. Anyways, carry on."


It seems like such a small thing, but it's actually kind of huge. Because when parents replace all their likes and hobbies with their children's likes and hobbies, eventually the parents are going to start to feel bored, unfulfilled, and unecessarily resentful of children's entertainment. 

Interestingly enough, it seems from the comments like this mom is far from the first to make this realization...there've been plenty of moms sneaking their own shows into the day's schedule...
"my kids have been watching romcoms & my cousin vinny on repeat"
"My baby thoroughly enjoys gossip girl"
"yes !! my baby is so much calmer when my shows or movies are on bc that’s what he heard when i was pregnant"
"My 10 m.o is obsessed with the SVU and game of thrones theme songs all I watched while pregnant with her!"

Well, there you have it. If you just can't take one more episode of Bluey, try putting on a mom-friendly show for a change and see how your little ones react. You never know, they might get hooked.