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People Are Stitching This Woman’s "Testimonial" On Putting Moms Away In Nursing Homes With Heartbreaking Stories.

Not all moms are good moms.

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As we get older and become parents ourselves, we are met with new challenges that we probably couldn't have predicted when we were younger. Not only are we raising children of our own, but as our parents get older, many of us become caregivers to them, too — or try to find the right person or facility to fill that role for them. It's so hard to watch people we love get old and be able to do less for themselves, but it's a part of life.

Considering the bad reputation that so many nursing homes get, it's no wonder that aging parents might not want to end up there. But when one woman on TikTok asked why people with multiple children spend the end of their lives in a care home, people stitched the video to prove why it's not right to judge that decision from the outside looking in. 

She wondered aloud why mothers who have five or six kids end up in a nursing home, with no one coming to visit her unless it's a birthday or a holiday.

"She's treated just like she never existed. You're going on with your life," she said, adding that the adult children will often say they're too busy to visit or care for her. "Well, your mama had other things she had to do, too, but guess what? She took care of you." 

But it didn't take long for other people to stitch her video, sharing their own situations, including one man who said that since his mother had been emotionally and physically abusive to him and his siblings, she was going to end up in a nursing home. And he wasn't the only one. 

In another stitch, a therapist brought up the fact that children aren't long term care plans for their parents, and as children, it's not their responsibility to fill that role. 

Nursing homes where residents are properly cared for do exist, and it's possible that leaving the care of aging parents in hands far more capable than yours is the right choice for your family. Guilt trips don't work when it comes to making difficult and very personal decisions like these. Only you know the right choice for yourself and your situation. 

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