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Mom Makes Up Catchy Mantra You’re Going to Want to Teach Your Kids

What a fabulous way to start the day.

It's so important to get the day started off on the right foot for kids. That said, no judgment for the parents who are just doing what they can to get everybody out the door in one piece, because mornings are rough. No joke. But if you can somehow pull it together to have a positive attitude in the early hours, @lindseygurk's example is a great one to follow. 

As demonstrated in this video, the mom has put together a little cheer for her kids to say every morning...kind of a mantra. It's all about the positive affirmations, right? You've got to see how cute this is...


Her son is so excited to shout "Yeah!" every time. The little one, to be fair, looks kind of confused, but that doesn't matter. The lesson is sinking in on some level, and before long she'll be shouting "Yeah!" too. 

Commenters were super inspired by this upbeat mom...
"I need somebody to do this with me every morning before work"
"your son is hyped enough for both of them"
"My kids are gonna roll their eyes at me but I’m gonna start doing this anyway"
"I’m stealing your cheer this is just amazing and so pure"
"Okay starting this now! I love this! We are raising smart and self loving kiddos!"

It's true, it is better if you start little kids with this stuff early if you want to avoid eye-rolls, but it's never too late to get started with a positive attitude. Teaching kids to start the day this way is a gift they'll no doubt thank you for years later.