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Mortician Mom Shares What Her Kids Are Never Allowed to Do Because She’s Emotionally Scarred

It’ll open your eyes and might slightly pile on the anxiety.

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How any parent can manage to be something like a mortician is sort of mindblowing. Anything that emphasizes a mom or dad's already significant fears about accidents and risky behavior sounds like something to be avoided on a daily basis, but some people are just able to separate work from home, apparently...but never completely.

That's why @lovee.miss.lauren made this video: "Things my kids aren't allowed to do because I'm a scarred mortician." What this mom has seen has made her afraid of some very specific scenarios, and with excellent reason. Seriously, how are you going to argue with a mortician?

"Protect your kids please," she wrote. "If this feels oddly specific it's for a reason. Call me the Grinch."

No reason to call her the Grinch when she's possibly saving children's lives by spreading this information. Those hay bales? Who would've thought those were dangerous? And while most of us mostly follow that popcorn rule when our kids are babies, we might not necessarily be super strict about it all the way until they're five. Still, it's really hard to argue with a mortician. Everything she's seen proves that the worst case scenario is a distinct possibility. It must be incredibly hard to go on living that way, but maybe you get really good at compartmentalizing. 

Commenters were totally freaked out, and had their own super strict rules to share...
"Answering 911 calls all day has made me the same! So many things can hurt little ones!"
"No feet on the dashboard unless we are parked in a parking lot"
"No popcorn, gum, uncut grapes or large ice cubes"
"No kids allowed in the yard if we're mowing"
"This came right after I got a video of a mom whose daughter ate 1 water bead and has had 5 emergency surgeries and in septic shock"
"My stepdad shattered both of his legs when he got into an ATV accident in his TEENS. Imagine what it could do to a child"

So many scary things to contemplate! Sometimes, it's hard to go on as a parent with all of these possibilities swimming around in your head. We just have to try to accentuate the positive and be as vigilant as we can. 

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