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Mom Shares Sobering Story to Empower Other Mamas to Trust Their Intuition

It’s a very, very powerful thing.

It's so hard to learn how to trust your gut as a new mother. You're never quite sure if your hunches are mother's intuition or just the irrational fear of an inexperienced parent. As a result, new parents turn to doctors for help...but sometimes, what the doctors say doesn't match up with mom's intuition, at least at first. As she explains in this video, @keywhit had a really bad feeling about what was going on with her 6-week-old son. His breathing didn't look right to her, and her thermometer kept saying he had a fever (even though the doctor said she just didn't have an accurate thermometer). Following her instincts, she took her son to the E.R., who tried to turn her away, too. But this mom pushed for more tests. And what happened? Not 30 minutes later, this sweet little baby coded. Thank god the family was still at the hospital when it happened (thanks to the mom's persistence). 


From the hashtags, we can see that this baby was a preemie and that he had viral meningitis, which can be fatal. But if that mom hadn't listened to her instincts and tirelessly advocated for her child, the doctors might have missed it entirely. Many of the comments were from medical professionals who were outraged by what happened to the baby:
"As a 30 year veteran in healthcare this is infuriating as this is happening way too much!! WtH is wrong with these doctors!!"
"NICU nurse here, and I am FLABBERGASTED that they didn’t see the obvious signs of distress. I am so sorry you both have to go through this!!"
"as a former nursing student, worker in hospitals, & mom, that breathing & blank stare with no blinking immediately scared me. I hope he's ok!"
"ER nurse here. I could see something wrong immediately. Rather, hear it. That wimpering! Hope is recovers!"
"Finally finding the strength to share #our story," wrote the mom. "Thanking god everyday that we were still at the hospital when this happened."
Here's hoping that little guy is doing much better now!