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New Mom Shows Most Vulnerable Moment to Make a Point About Motherhood

And the internet rallies behind her.

Being a new mom is ridiculously hard, so much harder than anyone can ever know until they do it themselves. New moms are encouraged to stay positive all while being faced with challenges like extreme sleep deprivation and breastfeeding problems; in the meantime, moms are on TikTok and Instagram making everything look easy and serene and beautiful. 

That's why one mom wanted to show one of her most vulnerable, heartbreaking new mom moments, so that she could help to normalize the actual difficulty of new motherhood. In this video from @hannahleighlebeau, the new mother has been sitting on an exercise ball bouncing up and down for three hours because it's the only thing that keeps her colicky baby calm. She's exhausted and emotional, but she just wants other moms to know that's okay.


Such an important message, and so brave of this mom to put herself out there. People are so judgmental of mothers, it takes a lot of courage to admit that you're having a hard time. In this case, though, the internet rallied around this tired new mom, letting her know she's not alone:

"A bad mom doesn’t worry if she’s being a good mom. You’re doing great. It gets better!! I can remember crying myself to sleep and having to separate"
"It’s so hard. Just so freaking hard. Surviving is thriving. You’re amazing!"
"You are the best type of mama, an honest mama!"
"from one colic momma to another, this is so normal & you aren’t alone. here for ya babe"
"you are doing AMAZING! It is all about surviving. You will thrive eventually. Babies are hard, being a mom is hard and it is ok to feel your feelings."
"You’re not a bad mom. My second was like this and I felt absolutely horrible. I couldn’t imagine if it was my first. You’re amazing mama"

So glad that this mama got some support online at least, so she knows she's not the only one to ever go through this particular struggle. And things will get better!