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Mom's Confession About the Struggles of Finding Herself After Motherhood Will Hit Home

Becoming a parent changes everything.

There are a lot of big changes we'll experience over the course of our lives, but becoming a parent is one that really, truly rocks our world. So many things radically change when someone becomes a new mom — her body, her life, and often, her job, her hobbies, and her friends. There's no way to really understand it until it happens to you personally! 

But even though most moms out there would never want to be apart from their babies, the transition is often a really difficult one. It's totally normal to miss your old life, and one mom on TIkTok managed to capture the struggle perfectly in a video.


This mom was following a trend where people ask a seemingly innocent question and use it to sandwich in a deep and personal confession about themselves, and while asking if people prefer White Claw or Truly hard seltzer, she admitted she's been feeling pretty lost as a mom. 

"Personally I think I lost myself in motherhood and I have no idea who I am anymore, my brain is so consumed with anxiety and guilt every second of the day. I'm exhausted," she wrote.

"We all lose ourselves with motherhood. Old us doesn’t exist, it’s new us that we need to find," one fellow mom wisely commented on the video, among hundreds of others who said they knew what she was going through.

We wish we could give this mom a hug, but maybe by getting her feelings off her chest so publicly, she also realized she's not alone. Hopefully she will get some time to relax and do something for herself soon.