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Parents Asked 6-Year-Old to Take An Anniversary Photo But Ends Up Recording Magical Video Instead

This looks like a movie montage.

As parents, the second part of our lives begin when our kids are old enough to take pictures of us. Hey, date nights where the kids tag along aren't ideal, but it softens the blow a bit to be able to hand a phone to one of them and ask them to snap a rare photo of their parents together — something they'll likely treasure decades from now. Not all kids are pros behind the camera, but we'll take what we can get!

But one couple who was celebrating an anniversary with their 6-year-old in tow might just be raising a future cinematographer. They asked their kiddo to take a photo of them during their date, and the results are better than they ever expected.


Instead of taking a photo, their son took a video, and from the moment we heard him say "Say anniversary!" we knew this was going to be good. He filmed his parents clinking their drinks together and smooching, with a lot of sweet moments in between. 

Not only is this a cute video in itself, but we can see that this little man has a vision. The zooms, the panning over his parents — this is the work of an artist. We can see why his mama called it her "new favorite video"!

People are absolutely gushing over this video in the comments of the video.

"This will play on projector on their 60th wedding anniversary surrounded by their kids, grandkids, and great grandkids," one person wrote.

That sounds perfect to us. How lucky these parents are to have this adorable video... and such a talented son on top of that!