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Little Brother Hosts ‘Movie Night’ For Brother's Friends and It’s the Cutest Thing Ever

They had a great time.

As parents, we spend enough time breaking up fights between our kids to know that we should really appreciate the sweet moments when they actually get along. There's nothing better than seeing our kids show their love for each other, despite the difference in age between them.

One big brother got to experience a really adorable gesture from his little brother and shared the evidence on TikTok, and we have a feeling this is something he will never forget. He set up a movie night for him and his friends (screening Night at the Museum, no less) and boy, did he impress his guests! 


This little dude left no stone unturned.  He had tickets ready for moviegoers, along with concessions, and even showed previews before the movie that he made himself with crayons and paper. And then, there was the tip jar, of course... and it looks like big brother's friends were happy to slip him some cash for his trouble.

It's hard to decide what's more adorable about this — the fact that his little brother made such an effort to make this a fun night for them, or how happy big brother's friends were to go along with the whole thing.

It seems like plenty of the people who saw this video felt the same way. "Love your friends for joining in. This’ll be a core memory for your brother," one wrote. 

This will definitely be something they talk about when they're older. Everyone deserves a little brother like this!