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Every Week, Mom Lets Kids Have an Epic Movie Night and You’re Going to Want to Steal This Idea

She makes it an adventure.

Sometimes, as parents, the desire (not to mention the pressure) to go above and beyond for our kids can become so overwhelming. But as much as our kids (usually) love when we go the extra mile for them, it can be easy to forget that the simple things usually make them really happy. We can make their day without spending much money and often without even leaving our houses.

Need an idea for a family tradition that will impress your kids big time but requires prep you can do at home? This mom on TikTok has us all covered with the movie night she gives her kids each week, and it's easy enough to replicate in our own families.


As this mom explains in her video, she starts by letting her kids draw a movie at random from a stack of 40 envelopes she's created — one for each week in the school year. Every Monday, they pick an envelope and open it up to discover what that week's movie will be, which they will watch as a family on Friday and includes a menu that fits with the movie's theme.

For example, they were watching Toy Story, so the menu included items like pizza (shout out to Pizza Planet) and Pixar ball cupcakes. She added alien faces to apple slices with toothpicks, and by the time she was done, she put together a really impressive spread.

In the end, she made each of them their own dinner tray for movie night, and it turned out to be a really cute idea that her kids love.

If you're ready to flex your creativity a bit and are looking for something new to do with your kids, this is a good tradition to start. Who wouldn't want Pixar cupcakes?