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If You Do Not Cry at This Video of a Dad Reading a Poem About Parenting You Have No Heart

The poem, written by Nicole Jankowski, is like a sucker punch to the gut.

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Let's be real — No matter how emotionally tough and stoic you might have thought you were before having children, after having children, all of that changes. Suddenly, all kinds of things are making you cry: sappy commercials on TV, certain songs on the radio, even books you read to your kids. Parenthood has a way of exposing all your emotions like that. 

So if you're a parent and you don't like crying, you might want to avoid this TikTok video. Hearing this dad reading the most heartfelt poem about parenting will most likely totally wreck even the toughest parents! 

The poem is called "I Wasn't Counting" by Nicole Jankowski, and it's about how quickly our children grow up. The first part of the poem addresses all of the stressful parts of parenting that many of us wish away — the time we spend waiting in a long pick-up line in school or feeding a baby in the middle of the night.

But the second part is what really gets us. It's about the part of a child's life when you do start counting the days you have left — like when their senior year of high school sneaks up on you.

"And when there are no more numbers left, I will curse time and cry for myself. How can I cry for you, as you begin your life, the one I was growing you up to live?" says the poem.

And if you aren't crying yet, the ending is brutal enough to do it: "How fast it goes, my love. I wasn’t counting on that." 

We don't know what's worse, the poem itself or hearing this dad's voice crack as he reads the end of it. 

Parenting is a trip — an often very stressful one. But boy, is the journey worth it.